carynjune - Handmade, One-of-a Kind Jewelry Designs
And the Cow Jumped Over the MoonCupid's ArrowBoy Meets GirlCarmen  CarmenAdam and EveMonster Under the BedSleeping HeartAbundance #1Boy with BalloonWishing on a StarI love the feel and texture the elements bring to metal. Forging, etching, torching and using different patinas bring each piece a story of its own; no two are ever alike. I'm really proud to introduce a whole new series I call the "Patchwork Quilt Series", sterling, copper, brass, hints of mokume and twisted wire. Recycled and rescued materials form a patchwork that is as personal as the wearer. Ask about pricing.  Check in and see what's new! More designs are always on the way.
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