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My Story

My name is Caryn June Ronis. I am a New York-based jewelry designer with a background in Theatre, Art and Food. As I studied jewelry design and fabrication, I became fascinated with mixing metals with each other and other media. This love and my background allows me to create pieces that are dramatic and quirky and always tell a story. Often they will incorporate current events and pop culture to create a beautiful, one of a kind piece of history. I would love to create a piece of history, your history, just for you.



I love the feel and texture the elements bring to metal. Forging, etching, torching and oxidation bring each piece a story of its own; no two are ever alike. Check in to see what's new. Things are always changing, just like life!


The Inclusion Series: Fit in & Stand Out

Inclusion is a word that resonates through me. It encompasses so many things, race religion, gender identity, abilities. For me, it was as small a thing as never feeling quite good enough, not being able, as a kid, to navigate my world in a safe and confident matter. This series embodies the unity of all children, no matter their differences. 10% of all proceeds go to the National Inclusion Project, an organization that works to make the inclusion of children with disabilities the expectation, not the exception.

The Other Half of the Orange

In my husband's native Mexico, it is said that when you meet your soulmate, you meet the "otra media de la naranja", the other half of the orange, and together you make a whole orange. These pieces are inspired by him, the other half of my orange.

Twisted Wire/Broken Glass

2020 has taught me that we must find beauty in that which appears irredeemable, that we can take what is broken and turn it into something beautiful. These pieces are made from old wire, scraps of sterling silver and recycled car window glass.


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